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Roof construction, sheet metal covering and general construction
Our company is part of the B-West group

Construction - without issues!

Our company started in 2010 as a 100% sole proprietorship with a staff of 3-4 people, mostly physical. Initially, its main profile was the construction of roof structures, including roof renovations, mainly roofing with ceramic tiles, as well as the covering and cladding of roofs and facades of industrial buildings with trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panels.

However, year after year we were able to boast of more and more orders and bigger projects, and at the same time, the number of our employees also increased continuously. In 2013, we added general construction to our range, and since then we have been able to fully serve the needs of our customers - be it the construction of a family house, an industrial hall or buildings made for you.

Construction - without issues!
Featured benefits

Why choose the B-West-Bau team?

Why choose the B-West-Bau team?
  • Our own location ensures the large inventory and assets, as well as fast and accurate work done on time.
  • We have a stable market position. We have been active in the industry for more than 10 years.
  • Our projects are coordinated by project managers, construction managers, and technical preparers.
  • The employees of our company have technical management authorization for projects, and we provide this to our customers free of charge.
  • Construction log, E-Construction log are kept by our employees ready for the day on our projects
  • We have specialists in every field. During roof construction, in addition to construction managers and project managers, we have a large number of qualified carpenters, roofers and tinsmiths, so we can ensure precise and continuous work.
  • We work in large numbers, by involving subcontractors, we can easily ensure that all tasks are performed by experienced, professional professionals.
  • We will not change the amount after signing the contract together with the material price. The fixed price that we agreed on in advance and signed the contract remains.
  • We take care of warranty-related problems, we handle warranty claims quickly and efficiently. 
  • If necessary, we also perform technical inspection activities.

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