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Széchenyi Pályázat 2020
Rábasebes - Municipal rental house.

Rábasebes - Municipal rental house.

Date of delivery

The Municipality of Rábasebes approached our company saying that it would like to renovate this very old building through a tender won within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program.

They wanted to create a community space, which would restore the condition of the building and, for the development of rural tourism, give them a really charming rental house.

Of course, we said yes to the invitation and saw this project that gave us a lot of work!

During the complete renovation, a building with a really pleasant atmosphere now stands in the center of the village, in which 2 bedrooms, a kitchen-dining room, and 2 water blocks (one for the disabled) have been designed.

Together with the village management, we are very satisfied with the final result!

The project continues, in round 2 the yard will be beautified so that visitors who come here or those who want to relax can relax in an even more comfortable environment!

Of course, there will also be pictures of the final result on the page.

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