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Construction of roof structures
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Construction of roof structures

Construction of roof structures and canopies throughout Győr-Moson-Sopron County.

Would you like to change the design and shape of the roof? Are you building and want a reliable roof structure in the long term? We help you balance your technical and financial ideas.

Whether you would like to replace a roof that is too steep, or increase the size of the cornice, or perhaps you want to modernize the structure of the entire roof, or you are currently building, you can count on B-West-Bau.

The roof structure built by us will be in the same condition as it was on the day it was handed over decades later, so you don't have to worry about renovations for many years.

Of course, we know that long-term investments require careful consideration.

When building a house or renovating a roof, you may be faced with the fact that the range of roofing materials is enormous, and navigating among them is a serious professional task. The choice is influenced by your taste, aesthetic expectations, the technical characteristics of the building and, last but not least, the prices.

Our company will help you with this as well, and we will be with you from the selection of materials until the last tile (or tile) is in place.

The process of building the roof structure

With the help of a computer program, we will precisely design the roof that matches your ideas, and we will also create a visualization of the final result. We manufacture all the necessary elements at our own site, and all that remains is the assembly of the finished elements on site. This is how we can ensure the speed of the process.

Roof tiling

Whether it is a renovation or a completely new roof structure, you can entrust the tile covering to us. With the help of our modern equipment, we install the tiles you have chosen, either in traditional or modern designs.


Fast work is ensured by the fact that we also carry out the tinning in parallel with the tiling. Our own tinsmith specialists ensure flawless drainage of the roof.

Take the first step for a roof that will perform its function reliably for many years, while also crowning the appearance of your home!

Tiled cover

It is no coincidence that this modern roofing method is becoming more and more popular. Compared to traditional technologies, it is an extremely affordable, fast, customizable and durable solution.

The biggest strength of ceramic tile lies in its price. It costs a fraction of traditional tiles, yet its appearance is modern and aesthetic, and it also has a wider palette of colors to choose from.

Its peculiarity is that at first glance it may look like a traditional tile, but its design is suitable for new buildings and is also an excellent choice for roof renovations, additions or roofs with a lower inclination angle.

In addition, it can be implemented extremely quickly compared to other technologies, which is due to its light weight and good handling.

It is also important to mention its durability. It is particularly durable, maintaining its new condition for up to 50 years, the main reason for which is that it is extremely resistant to weather conditions.

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