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Sandwich panel and trapezoidal sheet covering works
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Sandwich panel and trapezoidal sheet covering works

In the entire area of Győr-Moson-Sopron county, we undertake the complete cladding of industrial and agricultural buildings with sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets.

Sandwich panel

The sandwich panel is a lightweight construction element that consists of the insulating layer and the reinforcement that surrounds it.

Its use is becoming more and more widespread, as it is an easy, quick-to-install and aesthetic solution for the construction of insulated roofs, side walls and interior partitions. It has heat-insulating properties by itself, so there is no need to install separate layers. In this way, you can ensure high quality at a favorable price.

It is particularly suitable for covering buildings where thermal insulation, fire resistance, load capacity, quick installation and a pleasant appearance are important.

That is why it is an ideal paving technique for industrial buildings, production halls, as well as agricultural sites and livestock halls.

Due to the versatility of the system, it is equally suitable for creating walls, facades, internal structural frames, partition walls, ceilings and roofs.

Trapezoid plate

Low-rib trapezoidal panels with different profile designs, heights and colors are excellent cladding elements for both roofs and walls. An ideal choice for machine storage, grain storage, hall buildings and garages. A strong, stable and easy-to-install solution with a wide range of colors.

During the construction of the frame structure, the plate can be simply attached to the support structure without pre-drilling, thus guaranteeing a quick construction process.

Weather is a central factor during roofing and construction. More and more often, we are faced with variable, often shocking atmospheric factors, strong gusts of wind and hail. The big advantage of the trapezoid tile is that the size of the plates can reach 6-7 meters, so there are no joints. With this, we can ensure that even strong winds will not break or damage the roofing.

Another great advantage of the trapezoid tile is its water absorption, more precisely, the fact that it does not absorb precipitation, so it cannot freeze apart compared to traditional roofing materials.

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